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We are bringing you the best outdoor and pool furniture to transform your backyard. Although it is not just about the product. We have unmatched, first-class delivery to match the quality of the product. Your order also supports our favorite cause which is Streethearts Haiti.

Wayne was searching for pool and outdoor furniture, he found Ledge. Ledge makes a

premium, high quality product. The only thing missing was delivery and set up that matched

the quality of the product. That’s when God placed it on our hearts to start Always DTRT Pool Loungers to provide a better experience as the same cost as Fed Ex and other traditional delivery methods and serve others as God calls us to do. 

When you order with us, we set everything up when we deliver. We haul the boxes, packaging and trash away so you are ready to lounge when you get home. Our motto is to always do the right thing, and there is no better way to serve God than to serve our community in this way.


When ordering with Always DTRT Pool Loungers, not only will you get a premium product and premium service. You will be supporting our favorite cause in Cap-Haitien Haiti. Streethearts is a homeless boys house that has 130-140 homeless boys living there at any given time. These boys are taken off the street where they are fed, taught about God, placed into school, and housed in one of several houses there. They stay with us until about 19 years old when they graduate out of the program. That is when they have an opportunity to live on their own with the skills they have been taught. A lot of these boys come back to Streethearts and help other little boys just getting in the program because they feel it is what God has called them to do, to serve others.

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